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Used Tires

Should I Buy Used Tires?

Your choice in tires is an important decision that plays a role in ride comfort, tire life, and tire performance. But buying used tires should also involve more legwork on your end to ensure you have a reputable dealer with good tires that offer enough tread for your needs. 

While used tire affordability is appealing, new tires might be a better option overall when it comes to value, and they can be very affordable when financed over time. Many tire manufacturers also include a warranty on new tires while used tire warranties are often non-existent or offered by the dealer for a short amount of time. These are all important factors to consider when choosing new tires vs used tires.

Meckfessel Tire & Auto has a wide selection of new tires for sale with financing available.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Tire

Used Tires in Belleville, IL

    TREAD DEPTH Most new tires come with 11/32” and tires are completely worn out at 2/32”, however anything less than 5/32” is nearing the end of its life and may have poor traction. To measure the tread depth of a tire we use a tread depth gauge, but you can use a penny. Put the penny in the tread, if you can see all of Lincoln’s head you have less than 2/32”. Flip the penny over and if the tread covers the top of Lincoln Memorial, you have 6/32” or more.

    AGE We can calculate the age of the tires by deciphering the DOT numbers on the sidewall of a tire. The last 4 digits of the DOT number indicate the production date of the tire. The first two digits tell us the week and last two the year. In the example below, the DOT number indicates this tire was manufactured the 17th week of 2014. Any tire over 6 years old may be a concern. If the DOT number only has 3 numeric digits at the end, the tire was made before 2000.

    Used Tires in Belleville, IL

    CONDITION Inspecting used tires inside and out is very important. Even then, some concerns will not be visible until the tire is inflated. We recommend looking at the inside for any previous repairs or damage to the inner liner. On the outside of the tire inspect the bead, sidewall and tread for cuts, tears, cracking. Once the tire is inflated, inspect again for any bubbling or bulging of the sidewall or tread. If you notice any of these conditions listed above don’t buy it!

Used tires carry a lot of uncertainty. You just don’t know how that tire was used or abused. We have a large selection of economical new tires to meet your needs and financing is available. Click here to find the tire that is right for you.

We serve Belleville, IL, Smithton, IL, St. Clair County, IL, and surrounding areas.

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