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Tire Repairs

Tire Repair in Belleville, IL

Repairing a tire may seem like a simple task, but it is more than just stopping a leak. This is about your safety and everyone else on the road.  Beyond stopping a leak, we must make sure the tire has the structural integrity to carry the weight of the vehicle for it’s useable life. At Meckfessel Tire & Auto, we specialize in tire repairs for drivers across Belleville, IL, Smithton, IL, St. Clair County, IL. Our staff is fully trained and will only perform tire repairs
as per the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) Guidelines.

Tire Repair Under Strict Guidelines

When we repair your tires, we are concerned primarily with safety. This is why we follow strict guidelines when we repair tires. Our trained professionals NEVER:

  • Repair tires with a tread puncture larger than ¼”.
  • Repair tires worn to the tread depth indicator, or below 2/32” remaining tread.
  • Perform tire repairs without removing the tire for a thorough inspection.
  • Use only a plug or patch to repair a tire.
  • Repair a tire with an improper (non-RMA) repair.
  • Substitute an inner tube for a proper repair.
  • Invert radial tires.
  • Buff the inner tire liner too deep, where the cords get exposed.

Learn More About RMA Repairs

We want your tires to be safe, so that you are protected on the road. It’s why we work so hard to follow RMA guidelines for every repair. We will discuss every tire repair with you to let you know if there is a problem that simply cannot be repaired. Call us now to learn more.

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